Taking a short Sabatacal…

I’m taking a short Sabbatical from healing work on others. Following a second fall where I tripped over a stone trough and testing positive for Covid. Both happened in the same week so my health and mobility are not very good and I need to do some self care. All healing gratefully received – Namaste

It’s June…

And the diploma in Hypnotherapy ends within a week so watch this space for major updates.

As part of this course we have had to show a developing new business so there may be changes in web address and email coming after certification as I change the brand from Mobile Reflexology to Leslie House Holistics.

Why change a recognised brand – especially one that is well established? Simply I want to attract clients that would benefit from Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, delivered either as a face to face session or via a Video call. I have found SF Hypnotherapy so effective in helping the clients I have worked as part of this diploma

Unfortunately following an injury in 2019 I am unable to offer treatments at events so now look forward to “working” sat down without the pain of setting a stand up.

I will still offer Reflexology, EFT and Reiki in my new home but take a look at for the latest services


Looking to the future…

Enjoying immensely studying to become a registered Clinical Hypnotherapist – Attending Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training in Nottingham – and by June next year I should be a registered for Solution Based Hypnotherapy

This has turned the life around, taking me from being a Hermit following an injury to being extremely focused on completing the course. Now I have a focus and it is improving what I think and the way I think (less negativity) and improving communication skills as I practice with volunteer clients

So I if you would like be involved in this journey send me an email, initially theres no charge but by the 7th of 10 months we have to charge Students rate – 50% of a full therapist.

So watch this space as a new service develops, still facilitating self healing but using different modalities in my toolbag


arthroscopy done…

Well its been almost four weeks since I had keyhole surgery on one of my knees to repair a lot of soft tissue damage done in a fall in 2019. So again still not practising. Don’t think I’ll be able to do any holistic work in 2020 as I’m hobbling around on crutches at present also unable to drive until discharged by the hospital. Spending a lot of time looking at old photographs and practising with Affinity Photo software (Apple friendly version of Photoshop) take a look at the Portfolio page and see the results #affinity #holistic

lockdown – week 7…

Feel that sometime in the distance future I’ll be saying 2020 – what a year that was. Now entering the seventh week of the #lockdown so it’s not possible for me to offer any therapy and follow the social distancing guidelines. Plus my keyhole surgery was cancelled on the 18th March in preparation for the lockdown so I’ve been hobbling along. Beginning to wonder if their will opportunity to attend MBS events this year for one reason or another

Walking with a staff to support the right knee and no chance to visit a Barber even I can see a striking resemblance to #Dumbledore

Hope you are keeping yourself safe. To the families of those that lost someone to #Corvid 19 – I send the deepest Reiki healing and strength to help with these harsh times

When I'm 64…

Like many others I am now practising social distancing, because of my age, and the fact I have type II Diabetes I am considered to be at High Risk of catching Corona Virus.

So I’m staying at home for the foreseeable future only venturing out to buy provisions for here and my mother (mid 80’s).

With cleaning my hands/surfaces frequently and taking supplements to boost the immune system I hope to avoid this virus.

MBS and Wellbeing events on the whole have been cancelled till summertime but hopefully when they are considered safe to attend I shall be there and will post details on this website.

In the meantime I’d like to offer EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) via Skype or Facebook Video Call to help cope with the stresses of the coming months – Namaste

the hibernation is over….

The hibernation is over first with a WhiteLight event at Matlock a few weeks back. A small event with a wonderful atmosphere and well attended. But this weekend you can find and many others at the Newark Showground – click on the following link to see full details Hopefully you won’t let the menace of Dennis put you off

end of show year 2019

Approaching the end of my show year – only two remain Grenoside with Water Lily events this coming Sunday and then Newark with Lizian events 30th Nov/1st Dec.
Then for me that marks the start of a few quiet months till starting again in Spring 2020. hopefully I’ll be able to use that time to read some of these books that have been sat on my shelves for too long.
Should you have need for any support I shall be available for sessions locally – but feel it is now time for a rest restore and development – looking forward to our paths crossing again – Namaste #Mobile #Reflexology #mike #maguire

Autumn approaches…

Though still renting rooms when required in the Edith Lewis Hall at Weleda Ilkeston DE& 8DR.

I am looking for additional Treatment rooms to rent across the East Midlands if you know such rooms/clinics that would like a Therapist in residence say one day a month please let me

Follow my Facebook page for Mobile Reflexology – and you can can keep up to date with any events such as Mind Body & Spirit Events I will be attending and arrange your 30 minute taster. Mobile Reflexology

Though still trading under the name “Mobile Reflexology” I will only do home visits where there are recognised mobility issues.